Frequently Asked Questions About Our Jewelry

What is Gold Filled Jewelry?

Gold Filled or Gold Overlay Jewelry is an affordable alternative to solid gold. Gold filled, is jewelry filled with gold -  it is an actually layer of gold pressure bonded to another metal.  The jewelry piece has to have solid gold content of at least 5% of its total weight, otherwise it’s not classed as gold filled.


Is Gold Filled Jewelry and Plated the same thing?

Gold Filled has more gold than gold plated which makes it have similar characteristics to Gold in terms of Strength & Durability at a fraction of the cost. The key difference is that it’s filled with solid gold. We do sell Gold Plated Jewelry, but because we are aware of limited gold content we price it accordingly under $30.


How Do I Care For the Jewelry?

In each order, we provide a care card with basic tips. It is important that you follow them to sustain your jewelry for a long time. Often times one assumes tarnish resistant and gold filled means that one does not have to care for your jewelry, but on the contrary care is always required in order for jewelry to last a long time. If treated too harshly the jewelry can get scratched, damaged of dented.

Below please find our main tips!

1. Store your jewelry in an air tight box or container, and try to keep your necklaces separated and untangled. You can use the reusable boxes we send you!

2. Be mindful that perfume, hairspray and hand lotions may damage your gold filled jewelry due to the harsh chemicals they contain.Avoid contact with acid or alkali corrosive substances.  

3. Avoid excessive amounts of moisture and water. Avoid things like constantly Swimming, Working Out and Showering in your Jewelry. Over time, the moisture will dull the jewelry's natural shine and discoloring.

4.  Take your jewelry off before bed. Especially Necklaces. Sleeping in it can potentially cause damage, scratches and unnecessary friction.

5. To clean your jewelry use a soft cloth and warm water, with a little bit of detergent free soap.